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Designer with a proven track record in multidisciplinary disciplines, including UX/UI, contemporary art, teaching, and research.

PhD in Fine Arts, and Master in Technology Intelligence and Digital Design.

Extensive experience in UI/UX design, working for companies such as Google, Roche, and startups in EMEA and LATAM, conceptualizing and implementing design solutions for mobile and web applications.

Effective leader with a background in Technology, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence with expertise in agile methodologies, branding, and strategic UX design. Projects awarded prizes from organizations such as the International Design Awards, Webby, and FWA. Certified in UX Design, Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design

Work selected for residencies such as L'AiR Arts Paris and Joya: AIR arte + ecología, and exhibited in Lisbon, Barcelona, and Paris. Currently teaching at EINA Barcelona.

Designer with a proven track record in multidisciplinary disciplines, including UX/UI, contemporary art, teaching, and research. PhD in Fine Arts. Effective team leader with a background in Machine Learning and AI with expertise in agile methodologies, branding, and user-centered design at Google, Roche, and startups across LATAM & EMEA.

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Aphonie et fragilité

Aphonie et fragilité (series of 2 drawings). Soft pastel, gesso and conté pencil on paper. 64 × 50 cm. Available for sales here ︎︎︎

Visible and mobile, my body is a thing among things; it's caught in the fabric of the world, and its cohesion is that of a thing. But, because it moves itself and sees, it holds things in a circle around itself.” ― Maurice Merleau-Ponty

These drawings were created and exhibited at the Drawing Research Residency at L’AiR Arts Paris in Oct-Nov 2021. They were inspired on sculptures by Chana Orloff, a Israeli-French artist who lived and worked in Montparnasse, the same area where the residency atelier is.

Although not considered her typical work style, Orloff did made a number of sculptures where we can see women in fragile and vulnerable poses, in which their faces are generally hidden between their arms. There was a strange force in these sculptures which attracted me. They made me think were we stood as women during her time. I chose her work as inspiration because not only she is a woman but she encouraged other artists to explore their gifts, embracing our vulnerabilities and our strengths. Somehow, Orloff’s sculptures captured an aspect of what means to be a woman (and also human) in pandemic and digital times, while inviting us to embrace our bodies, to speak out loud, to position ourselves, and to face the world.

About the exhibit:
In today’s digital age, intensified by the pandemic, artists and arts institutions are developing their digital presence and offering new virtual opportunities for a close, in-depth experience, thereby creating new pathways for inspiration, knowledgeand research. Artists from Drawing Residency at L’AiR Arts Paris, October 2021. Curated by Rahma Khazam and Véronique Devoldère. Visit︎︎︎


About the process:
Inspired on Merleau-Ponty’s phenomenology, I believe that the body is the first and most immediate way of experiencing and understanding the world. Having that said, I tried to incorporate this thought in my process of producing this artwork. The work process consisted on first understanding Orloff’s sculptures by drawing different body poses while myself feeling these poses. After some sketches, I allowed them to rest for a few days and went to sketching spaces that encompasse these physical feelings through collages from the first studies and dry pastel drawings. There was a lot of “not knowing”, pause, indecision and emptiness, which I try to accept in the creative process. In this period, I came accross the news speaking on how social media is toxic specially for the teenage women, who have been suffering mental or body-related issues. There was a dialogue that happened with the sculptures that I tried to incorporate in the drawings as a final reflection on the work.


Studies for Aphonie et Fragilité (collages and drawings). Graphite, conté, soft and oil pencil on paper. 21 x 29.7 cm
Studies for Aphonie et Fragilité (2 collages)
. Graphite, charcoal and dry pencil on paper. 42 x 29.7 cm

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