Google & Nissan Kicks View

In 2016, Google partnered with Nissan to capture Rio de Janeiro's streets and the energy of the crowd during the Olympic Games on Google Street View. Using the new Nissan Kicks car with a Street View-approved camera mounted on top, we travelled along the waterfront and the most iconic places in Rio to capture daily content, resulting in more than fifty 360º images that show the Olympic atmosphere.
Most importantly, all this content became part of official Google Street View (available here), becoming the 1st time Google Street View has included branded content into the product related to the Olympic Games.

As a Producer & UX Specialist, I managed to deliver the whole project in a very short amount of time (35 days) and led a production team of 50+ people. Engaged in the full range of production activities and managed the end-to-end execution, including budget negotiations, approvals, briefings, brand naming with Google Street View product team & trademarks teams, timelines. On the Design side, led definitions of main functionalities, designed workflows, UX and the video-case production for prizes.

Watch the video-case with all details: