Hello, I'm Grazi, a Brazilian Visual Designer & PhD Candidate in Fine Arts.

For the past 3 years, I've been engaged in teaching, providing lectures and mentoring professionals about Design, User Experience and Innovation.

• Lecture about "How to orchestrate the user experience at big tech companies" to 200+ tech and design professionals at Cubo Coworking in São Paulo (2017). Full description here.

• Speech & Consultancy to 10+ NGOs at roundtable for Google Impact Challenge event about UX & Design in São Paulo (2016).

• Designed and led 15+ trainings about Graphic Design, Storytelling and Creative Innovation for 250+ Google employees across São Paulo, Mexico and Argentina (2013 - 2016).

• Designed two 3-hours courses about Design Thinking for start-ups and entrepreneurs at the Google Campus (2016 - Present). Course full description here.

• Mentorship to 3+ Brazilian start-ups at the SP STARS program, a start-up incentive part of São Paulo City Hall (2017).

• Speech about "Design careers and perspectives" to 50+ students at EINA Design School in Barcelona (2017).
Lisbon, 2019