Hello, I'm Grazi, a Brazilian Visual Designer & PhD Candidate in Fine Arts.

Currently sharing my PhD Thesis developments at https://desenho-e-meditacao.blogspot.com/

Link: youtube.com/meubebe

Meu Bebê is a project created by Google/YouTube in partnership with Johnson's Baby focused on maternity and baby-care. Its goal is to connect with parents through a YouTube channel, but also allow them to engage with the platform and create an unique experience for them. This is the first, and now largest, maternity brand channel ever created on YouTube globally.

I was responsible for creating a tool where parents could make customized videos or a meme-type photo using their baby's special moments. I managed this project from user flow, wireframes and design, to development and performance.

Check below the tutorial video on how to use the platform:

And here are a few examples of videos users can create:

Lisbon, 2020