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Grazielle Portella (b. 1989, Brazil) is a visual artist, designer and researcher. She is currenty a PhD student at the Fine Arts Faculty of University of Lisbon (with scholarship by Foundation of Science and Technology - FCT) and coordinator of the research project "5 Minutes of Drawing". She holds a Master in Digital Design (PUC-SP, 2016) and Bachelor in Visual Design (UFRGS, 2012).

Informed by philosophy, neuroscience and aesthetics, she develops the concept of Slow Drawing, investigating contemplative, ethical and affective practices in contemporary art. Has been selected at residencies such as L’AiR Arts Paris and Joya:AIR arte + ecología and exhibited her work in Lisbon, Barcelona and Paris. Previously worked for Google (São Paulo, 2011-2017), Flaner (Paris/Lisbon), K Solutions (Paris), Actar Publishers and Fundació Joan Miró (Barcelona).

︎ grazielleportella@gmail.com
︎ /grazielleportella  ︎ /slowwwdrawing 
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Research & Publications

Coordination of online event 5 Minutes of Drawing, monthly since 2020. Led interviews with artists: Dipali Dupta, João Catarino, Aline Basso, Anna Chan, Sam Winston, Cecília Corujo, Juan Cavia, Carolina Correia, Carol Prusa, Gary Embury, Gaia Alari. Check more at 5md.belasartes.ulisboa.pt︎︎︎

Portella, G., Passarinho, H., Linhares, M. 5 Minutes of Drawing: Instagram for scientific, pedagogical and artistic communications in the Covid-19 era. In: Sociedad Iberoamericana de Gráfica Digital - Sigradi 2021. Nov 10-12, 2021, pp. 365-376. Link︎︎︎

Contemporary Drawing and Ancient Philosophy: the artistic creation as a practice of “care of the Self”. In: Thomas Project: a border Journal for utopian thoughts. 5(1), pp. 137-157, 2021. Link︎︎︎ Text︎︎︎

Drawing from observation, observing thoughts: Drawing in isolated acts. In: 5 Minutos de Desenho. Faculdade de Belas Artes da Universidade de Lisboa: Lisboa, 2021. Link︎︎︎

Drawing in isolation, contemplation of the soul. In: Colóquio Expressão Múltipla IV : teoria e prática do desenho : atas das conferências. Lisboa, 2021, p.124-136. Link ︎︎︎

Slow Drawing: relations between observational drawing and transcendental meditation. In: Colóquio Expressão Múltipla III : teoria e prática do desenho : atas das conferências. Lisboa, 2020, p.114-124. Link︎︎︎

Connected objects: a gaze into usability and design of tangible interfaces. Master Dissertation. Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo: São Paulo, 2016. Link︎︎︎

Presence + Perception = print. Guide of visual representational techniques applied on print support. Final Graduation Project Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul: Porto Alegre, 2011. Link︎︎︎

An instantaneous look into the world: Invisible cities // Una mirada instantánea del mundo: Ciudades visibles. In: Arquitecturas del Sur, ISSN 0716-2677, ISSN-e 0719-6466, Vol. 27, Nº. 35 (Agosto) (Ejemplar dedicado a: RESTAURACIÓN Y RECICLAJE), 2009, pp. 26-27. Link︎︎︎

Exhibits & Residencies
International Drawing Research Residency at L’AiR Arts. Paris-France, October 2021. Link︎︎︎

Collective exhibit  “Fragile Power of Drawing”. Atelier 11, Paris. Also available online. October, 2021. Link︎︎︎ Artwork︎︎︎

Drawings created for exhibit Les autòmates: prototips sentimentals“ by the artist Joana Burd, Casa del Mig, Barcelona. September, 2021. Link︎︎︎

Art Residency at Joya:AiR arte+ecología. Almería-Spain. September, 2021. Link︎︎︎

Collective exhibit “O símbolo de uma pandemia”. Faculdade de Belas Artes, Universidade de Lisboa. May, 2021. Link︎︎︎ Drawing︎︎︎

Art Residency at Atelier da Graça. Lisboa-Portugal. May-July, 2020. Link︎︎︎

Talks & Interviews

Speaker at Webinar Drawing Us In: A Conversation about Contemporary Drawing. Miami, 2020. Link︎︎︎

Harmonizing user experience in tech companies. Talk at Cubo Summit, São Paulo, March 2017. Link︎︎︎

Interview given to Zero Hora, a newspaper from Brazil. Da UFRGS para o Google: a jovem que conquistou seu lugar na 5ª empresa mais valiosa do mundo. Porto Alegre, 2014. Link︎︎︎